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I’ve selected a beautiful tile from Ann Sacks as my Boston Design Center pick this month! Composed of fossilized wood,  the striking collection of Petrified Wood tiles is simply stunning! Each customizable slab is composed of actual cross-sections of trees that have been polished or antiqued so that the material’s true personality shines through. Since every tree has its own unique knots and rings, no two tiles end up looking the same. You really can’t get a more customized look than that!


This highly durable and rare material is available in six colors and finishes –  take a look below at this fabulously unique collection. You’ll be absolutely amazed by the array of breathtaking patterns and details!



Polished Porto
Source: Ann Sacks


Antique Porto
Source: Ann Sacks


Polished Charcoal
Source: Ann Sacks


Antique Charcoal
Source: Ann Sacks


Polished Red
Source: Ann Sacks


Antique Red
Source: Ann Sacks

I can imagine using these in many different spaces in a home. Since petrified trees acquire incredible durability during the premineralization process, these Petrified Wood tiles are highly scratch resistant. Harder than quartz, this materials’ toughness can even be compared to a diamond (and we all know diamonds last forever)!


These unique qualities make Ann Sacks’ Petrified Wood tiles the perfect addition to kitchens, entryways and my personal favorite – a luxurious, spa-inspired bathroom as seen below. This tile’s textural depth and eclectic coloration lends this stunningly gorgeous bathroom a touch of personality and lots of character.



Source: ANN SACKS via Houzz

Of course, there are many more ways you can incorporate these tiles into your interior design – the options are endless! So, what do you think of Ann Sacks Petrified Wood tiles? Let me know how you’d incorporate this fabulous material in your home in a comment below!


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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Leslie- what a truly unique and special find and a fascinating material! Thank you for sharing- I’ll have to pop into Ann Sacks and check it out soon.

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