5 Summer Fashion Trends To Inspire Your Interiors

Posted on Jul 22, 2016Jul22
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Between the constant buzz of email alerts and ’round the clock mobile accessibility, the shape of summer has changed. Gone are the days of packing a steamer trunk and sipping martinis on the Riviera for two months of the year, but the essence of that resort experience for which the season was named still exists as…Read More

Menswear fashion via Popsugar
Sparkling summer fashion on the runway.

Give Your Master Bathroom The Celebrity Treatment

Posted on Jun 10, 2016Jun10
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We see them peering from the cover of every magazine, beaming in every advertisement, and influencing every item of clothing we wear. Celebrities, for every “down to earth” interview they may give, certainly seem to live in a separate, glossily airbrushed world. But while we may not all have a Grammy or two next to…Read More

Kerri Russel's Master Bathroom
Chrissy Tiegen & John Legend's Master Bathroom

Eco-Chic Interior Design

Posted on Apr 21, 2016Apr21
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Not so long ago, eco friendly home design was a niche interest. Limited options meant that including environmentally conscious products in your home would often come at the expense of your overall aesthetic. Thankfully, times have changed, and today luxury and green living can coexist. From powder room amenities to large appliances, your options for incorporating eco friendly products…Read More

Design by SIR Development via Houzz
Design by John Lum Architecture (via Houzz)

Trendwatch: Transparent Tubs

Posted on Aug 21, 2015Aug21
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While I provide full service interior design (construction design and interior decorating) involving every room in a home, one of my favorite spaces to design are bathrooms. There are so many amazing materials and fixtures to incorporate into a bathroom, allowing for wonderful creativity! I like to keep up with new options as they become…Read More

The Le Cob Bath by Omvivo

Contemporizing Crystal Chandeliers for Homes of Today

Posted on Jan 8, 2015Jan8
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  The empress of Hadsburg left her legacy on the design world when the Maria Theresa Chandelier was conceived in 1730. This crystal chandelier went on to carry her name and continues to remain a cherished work of art to this day.   Designing with crystal chandeliers is an art form in and of itself. With their dazzling aesthetic, these historic…Read More

Home Office Design by Leslie Fine Interiors,
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