7 Products We Loved From #ICFF 2016

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Any visit to New York City brings me back to Boston brimming with innovative ideas and inspiration for my own projects. But there is nothing more exciting and inspirational than seeing the most recent, cutting-edge work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). With over 700 artisans exhibiting the newest concepts and trends in interior design, here’s a peek into the insider’s revolutionary world with a few of my favorites picks!


Custom panels by AJK Design

Custom panels by AJK Design

These AJK Design panels make a fabulous statement in any place, any space. Laser-cut and precisely designed to perfection, their striking contrasts, retro patterns, and elegant lines bring the classic and contemporary flawlessly together. The best part? Not only are they custom made — you and your designer can have them made to suit your aesthetic with absolute finesse — but their flexible design can be used as ceiling tiles, wall tiles, or furniture inserts.



LED rope light by Luke Lamp Co.

LED rope light by Luke Lamp Co.

If you read this blog, you know how much I believe statement lighting can define a room. With Luke Lamp Co., made in New York, rustic meets modern and jaws drop! This rope LED light looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and casts the most delicious, even, and warm glow.




Side tables by Debra Folz

Side tables by Debra Folz

Mixed materials have never looked so sophisticated and timeless than in Boston area’s own Debra Folz side tables. What could be heavy-looking design elements are deftly transformed into delicate geometric shapes. Reminiscent of Mad Men-era luxury, the simplicity of shape belies the complexity of stunning detail in each design choice, from pairing modern colors with metallic hues to the lipped edges and unique angles.



Dog bed and bowls by Acrila

Dog bed and bowls by Acrila

Love your pets, but don’t want them to define your entire aesthetic? This adorable dog bed and bowl by Acrila is for you. Their designs (which are made for both humans and furry friends) are adorable and unique. As you may have guessed by the name, their work as you can see here is primarily in acrylics; the pieces are not only fashionable but are durable and easy to maintain well over time.





This brass bar is truly a breathtaking design masterpiece. Amuneal Manufacturing Corp. calls itself “creative,” but I think revolutionary might be more apropos! With gorgeous modern, minimalist lines creating sheer presence, the glow and simplicity of the brass balances with a warmth reminiscent of a bygone speakeasy era.  





Throw blankets by Alicia Adams Alpaca

I fell in love with these unbelievably soft pieces! Alicia Adams Alpaca brings an ideal touch of color and comfort to any space — and with such variety and design. The throw blankets alone were simply beautiful, with a palette ranging from modern minimalist shades to vibrant hues, and textures that will make you never want to leave your couch cocoon again.





This one image just barely captures the extensive beauty and endless choices created by the brilliant mind of Christopher Poehlmann. Inspired by nature and using a stunning mix of materials and concepts, CP Lighting captures a fluid grace and organic simplicity, while remaining extensively detailed and unique. Each piece brings a new sense to the world “luminous,” and redefines the classical influence in modern design — perhaps even the thought of “magic” itself.


These are just a few highlights from an extensive, amazing experience, and revisiting them here already has me completely inspired again. Excited by fresh possibilities? Want the newest designs of the year? Even the simplest changes and incorporations of contemporary design can rejuvenate an entire space — contact Leslie Fine Interiors, Inc. at 617.236.2286 to begin your own exhibition-worthy project.

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