What is your Television Viewing Style?

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Televisions just keep getting bigger and bigger . . .


It’s no surprise that incorporating supersized televisions into an interior design project is getting more and more challenging. Just a few years ago, I remember considering 42″ flat screens in a room’s design; now it’s not unusual to work with a 60” or even a 100” screen. These televisions take up some serious real estate and can overwhelm a room, so it’s necessary that to consider how these can be creatively incorporated into the room’s layout.


Mark LaFave at Maverick Integration had some interesting points about incorporating televisions into your interior designs. Mark suggests to first take a look at the way you are going to view television in the space. Is this room hosting passive or active television viewing?  If you want a room to be used for active viewing, ie, inviting friends over to watch a ball game, then go for the huge television screen. The company is specifying televisions as large 70”, 85” even 103” on a regular basis. That is some seriously active viewing!



bang and olufsen 85 tv

Bang and Olufsen 85" television


On the flip side, televisions used for casually watching the news when you are getting ready for work can be kept to a more manageable size. A smaller television is certainly easier to camouflage into a room’s design.



In this media room that  I designed for the Boston Design Center Dream Home, I used a grid of millwork to create a design with the speakers and added a frame around the television.

dream home designed by leslie fine

Leslie Fine Interiors, Inc.

Televisions can be incorporated into the bathroom with a technology that integrates the television into the mirror.

seura televison in luxury bathroom


In this Boston condominium, I chose a location for the TV that is seamlessly integrated. Can’t find it? It’s right above the breakfast bar for convenient viewing!

Leslie Fine Interiors, Inc.

Leslie Fine interiors, Inc.



This clever design has the television integrated right on the kitchen cabinet.


modenr kitchen with television

Image via Fopple

You can read more about incorporating television into your home’s interior design here.

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  1. Chris says:

    What do you thing about the whole TV above the fireplace thing?

  2. I love the ones in the mirrors!

  3. Budd Kelley says:

    Leslie & Team,

    Congratulations, a well written and helpful post. We whole heartedly agree with our industry-mate’s assessment of sizing the TV to the activity, thus, minimizing its impact on the design aesthetic.
    It is great to see that when the TV “Needs” to be there that the design can be adjusted to incorporate the linear properties of the box, well done!

    Keep up the great work.

    Budd Kelley
    Audio Concepts


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